house gallery

What's a house without art? Don't answer that. We think supporting local artists is important (plus we're housed in a former art gallery), and are delighted to announce our House Gallery program. Complete the application below for consideration. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

All artists based within approximately 100 miles of Highland Park, IL are welcome to submit an application.

photo credit: Ieva Vizule

photo credit: Ieva Vizule



house gallery guidelines

• Approximate 3 month display.
• Dayhouse is located in a 6000sf building with a variety of wall sizes. Some of our walls have gallery rails, some are brick, some are drywall. We are able to accomodate pieces up to 10’ W x 6’ H, as well as three-dimensional pieces.

Commission & Sales
• No commission is taken. No fees are charged.
• All sales are 100% responsibility of the artist. Dayhouse takes no role in processing sales.
• Artist are responsible for following up with purchasers at the conclusion of the exhibition, at their own studio.
• Wall tags are the sole responsibility of the artist.
• All pieces must be clearly labeled with price or NFS.
• All pieces must be left up until the term is done, or immediately replaced if they need to come down for any reason.

• Promotion is shared between Dayhouse and artist.
• The artist should submit a brief (2 paragraph) bio, brief description of the show and jpeg images, one month before the show.
• Both the artist and Dayhouse will publicize the exhibition through online channels (i.e. Instagram, Facebook, email newsletter)
• Dayhouse will host quarterly receptions for all artists displaying works at that time. Receptions are free and open to the public, but will require tickets for guest number management. Both Dayhouse and the Artists will promote the show through their respective online channels.

Installation & Removal of artwork
• Works will be installed and removed at a mutually agreeable date and time, most likely a weekend.
• Hanging and removal is the sole responsibility of the artist. Dayhouse is not available to help with installation or removal of art.
• Artist is responsible for own tools at installation and removal (ladders, measuring tape, level, etc.)
• No change of any kind may be made to the walls, floors, ceilings, doors or any fixtures or equipment in the space. No nails or screws can be used, nor any holes made in walls or fixtures.
• All work must be ready for presentation (appropriate framing or hanging devices) and fully finished
• All pieces must be hung or placed very securely.
• Wall tags (title, medium, price, etc.) should be professionally printed and suitable for a gallery showing. The signage may only be stuck to the walls using museum putty or 3M “Quick Release” products. No tape is allowed.
• Dayhouse does not have storage space and cannot be responsible for work left behind.

Insurance & Contracts
• All art is shown at the artist’s own risk. Although a relatively safe environment, Dayhouse is not liable for loss or damage to artwork.
• Dayhouse does not insure the art and cannot guarantee any pieces.
• All art must be reviewed and approved by Dayhouse prior to display. We reserve the right to reject and/or remove any of your artwork, at your expense, for any reason, at any time.


STEP ONE: House Gallery Artist Application
Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Etc
Phone number *
Phone number
Are you located within approximately 100 miles of Highland Park, IL? *
STEP TWO: Please send an email to jen@dayhousecoworking with files depicting the art you wish to display. Subject line should read “House Gallery – Last Name, First Name”
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Thanks for your interest!
We will review your application, and might contact you with additional questions. Both parties will review and sign a contract prior to entering the agreement. Dayhouse will open autumn 2018, exact date TBD. Our opening date will be communicated in advance. Art will be installed on a mutually agreed-upon date and time, prior to Dayhouse opening.