why is our logo a pineapple?

This once-rare fruit was so prized, colonial-era hostesses would rent them, just to have the exotic fruit adorn their tables (like ZipCar for fruit?) Pineapples have since evolved into a symbol of warmth, welcome, and hospitality...that's the heart of Dayhouse. We encourage our members to embrace the same attitude with everyone who walks in the door. 

Our core values center around three concepts:
Welcome. Hi. Hello. Come on in and tell us about yourself. How can being at Dayhouse make your day better?
Wellness. From a 2pm nap in our mind-body room to infused water for encouraging hydration, we believe that incorporating wellness into your workday isn’t a luxury — it’s a necessity.
Woman-positivity. Dayhouse is open to all, and we invite all to support woman-fueled endeavors, as well as the works of those representing historically marginalized groups.


Welcome to Dayhouse. COMe TAKE A TOUR.